Monday, 20 October 2014

They gave us a 'non-NATION'
I want a neo-KENYA. Give me my Kenya – OUR Kenya. 

They gave us a 'non-NATION' - a country; a state - patched up space inhabited by conveniently settled ethnicities.
They gave us a ‘non-NATION’ - lands and wealth they already stolen from us - owned by them; not us.
They gave us a non-NATION - a creed; a prayer to cram; an anthem to brainwash us and our children and our children’s children to the fakeness of a NATION that never existed.
They gave us a non-NATION – a flag; an insincere symbolism of fake blackness (Afrianness); fake redness of blood of just a few important ones; fake whiteness of non-existent peace riddled with undertones of deep hatred; fake greenness of the lands – flora and fauna not ours but theirs.

They gave us a non-NATION - already deeply unequal; deeply divided; deeply sectarian.
They called it Kenya; but there was never a NATION. Just a country - an engineering of the people who wanted it to stay that way – a country, coordinates on the world map, an enterprise; a corporation; GDP; because they profited from it and planned to profit from it further. Not develop us.

So forgive me when I disregard that freedom twaddle. That self-decided heroism. 
I am Kenyan; but I do not know what Kenya really means; what Kenya truly stands for! Because that’s the dishonest vagueness that was handed down to me by our greedy; selfish fore-fathers; our ‘heroes’. And am expected to pass it down that way – religiously to my unsuspecting children.

What did they free us from? Poverty? – NO. Disease? – NO. Ignorance? – NO. Gave us better institutions to govern ourselves? NO – in fact they screwed up some of the white man’s better legislation/laws.

So what are they heroes for? Fighting for they stomachs and their children's stomachs? Or for conquering their subdued folks?
So why should we sing their names; why should our children be condemned to cramming; reciting the names of a people so selfish they took our nation even before we began. Why should our streets, our schools, libraries, hospitals, bridges be named after them?

They gave us a non-NATION – Luo, Kikuyu, Kamba, Kalenjin, Luhya etc NOT Kenya. But they baptized us Kenyans. Divided us into ethnic little-hoods but remembered to balkanize us into a fake ‘nation’ – Kenya.
A Kenya to refer to when legitimacy to plunder further is needed; A Kenya to summon when authority to dominate is required; A Kenya to call on to when sovereignty to protect themselves and their perverse wealth is of the essence.

They gave us a non-NATION. Hungry; sick, ignorant and esteem-less beings - oppressed by the white man and fleeced, raped, maimed and killed by the black 'hero' – the Shujaa!

I want my nation; our nation. A redefined meaningful sense of nationhood - that inspires genuine patriotism - not forced; fake sense of sovereignty - Kenya one-ness that never exists.
I want our 'nation' - of fairness in opportunity;
I want our ‘nation’ – of greatness in aspiration and discipline to work and live our dreams;
I want our 'nation' of inalienable rights to own something; to share our prosperity;
I want our nation of some sort of ‘true morals’ – not shameless double standing.

I want a neo-KENYA. Give me my Kenya – OUR Kenya.