Monday, 24 February 2014

Africa: Wither homosexuality legislation, debate 

Isn't it sad and unfortunate that we (Africa) are currently embroiled in a lengthy, misinformed and misplaced debate about homosexuality while there is a plethora of many other pertinent issues - more pressing (If you ask me) that we could busy our legislatures with? You could be excused if you thought on the stroke of Museveni's or Goodluck Jonathan's pens - assenting to the antigay laws, GDP per capita would double or maternal mortality would half or extreme poverty would end.

That old narrative about African solutions for African problems - yeah right. Can someone explain how Binyavanga having sex with another man tonight will prevent African governments from working to improve energy, infrastructure - perennial impediments to growth; or make it difficult for government officers to improve public finance management and reduce wastage and pilferage of public resources?

We have clearly allowed ourselves to get dragged into a conversation alien to us, least in our priorities and not deserving our attention right now. With the turmoil in CAR, South Sudan, DRC, Burundi (brewing), extreme poverty across the region, economic opportunities (oil and gas) to urgently optimise on - we CANNOT find the time to focus on frivolous legislation on homosexuality, miniskirts, etc

Like my high school teacher Denis Abok Aloo used to tell us - this is the typical "majoring in the minor and minoring in the major'. C'mon Africa, this is certainly not how to define and focus on your agenda. Bloody African renaissance huh!

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