Sunday, 30 March 2014

Give me the books; I will give them to the kids. We will turn them into world class citizens

Hi, my name is Kenneth Okwaroh Ochieng. I am Kenyan, born and raised in a small village on the shores of Lake Victoria in East Africa. It took me 27 years to discover that I love politics, policy, government and economics. I fumbled and muddled through primary, secondary and even undergraduate schooling thinking I wanted to be a medical doctor, then nurse, the urban planner, then journalist, even actor! Mine was 3 decades of muddling through with little information and exposure to detect my true potential and determine what I wanted, what I could be good at, and what I could realistically be.

Today, I look at kids in the village, around the sugarcane farms where I was raised, still going through the same. I wouldn’t want this to continue. It would be a tragedy if I let this continue. I have made a personal choice to spare time, resources and will to provide these kids with information. Information to allow them learn the vastness of the world and to discover the vastness of their unique capabilities and to be able to elect what they want to be, earlier on in life. 

My first step is setting up a small library for kids in that rural village in Kisumu County where I grew up to learn the world and discover their potential. This will grow to other areas in Kenya.

Please share with me books you have read; books your children have read; books you can spare. Any titles from math, to literature, art, politics to science. Wherever you are, whatever you have, just let me know. I have been saving and continue to fundraise so can put in some resources for shipment.

"We are raising a dangerous generation of superficial citizens that must not be allowed to thrive" Someone said that today, if you want to hide something from the typical African youth, put it inside a book.

You can catch me @Okwaroh on twitter; +Kenneth Okwaroh on google plus; Okwaroh Ja’ paprombe on face book; on my blog Okwarohztake or drop me mail at

Thank you, and may you find blessing and satisfaction in supporting and inspiring a truly worthy course.


  1. This is great Okwaroh. It takes so many steps to make a journey. Its good you have decided not to request Serikali to "saidia" but start with what you have. We should help Africa raise an intelligent generation

  2. Great project Kenneth! What postal address can we use to send the books to you? Kim

  3. Hi Kim, Thank you so much for supporting our book initiative. Please send me an email to this address so that we can discuss the logistics: