Wednesday, 23 April 2014

AU; wobbling shamelessly like tuk tuk tires as bloodletting endures in South Sudan, CAR

This is the reason I got little patience for that cabal of selfish power mongers calling itself the African Union (AU). You have whined big time about how the west (US, France, UK, Germany etc) hijacked the process in Libya, Somalia. Big question is: 

What has the AU done in the wake of genocide in South Sudan; bloodletting in the Central African Republic? Even Somalia (what have been the returns thus far?).

When it was time to yank tirades at the west about the ICC, about sovereignty and imperialism - you were super-vocal. When it was time to peddle cheap rhetoric about the 'alternative' that is China - you made the loudest prolonged noise (in unison). When it was time to yap aimlessly about homosexuality - folks had loads to say uh?

But when serious commitment and concrete action is urgently needed to address some of Africa's saddest realities in South Sudan, CAR, Northern Nigeria, Eastern DRC, Kenya - people are wobbling like tuk tuk tires.

SHAME - where is Mugabe? Museveni? Jonathan? Zuma? Uhuru? Where are they with the balls now? Where are those others, multilaterals so bent on setting up political federations and unions like the East African Community, IGAD etc. Show us something.


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