Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Judiciary demands justice from Kenyans. How absurd?

It is a pity that the Chief Justice of the republic of Kenya, is now too worried about sentiments of Kenyans on the conduct of the Judiciary to the extent that he has contemplated libel litigation. 

Is this the same Mutunga that many Kenyans defended tooth and neck (with all his sneaky paraphernalia) in appreciation of his skill, education and resolve to transform the legal landscape, promote justice and enhance democracy in Kenya?

Of all the people, Dr Willy Mutunga should be the most worried about the pertinent issues Kenyans are raising about the handling of the Presidential election petition that he presided over. For me, what should worry Mutunga most is the fear of the loss of the little optimism and faith Kenyans were gradually developing in the country's otherwise 'legitimacy and credibility bankrupt Judiciary'. 

Instead of facing these issues soberly and with the seriousness they deserve. The CJ has flipped the coin and put Kenyans on the receiving end. Now: 'THE JUDICIARY DEMANDS JUSTICE FROM KENYANS! How awkward? Read this epistle from Dr Willy Mutunga

Of all the agenda 4 items on the transformation of Kenya after the 2007/08 Post Election Violence - the Judiciary remained the beacon of hope (I’d like to believe it still is) in terms of progress. 

Dear Mutunga, kindly, do not serve Kenyans with another activist public servant like PLO Lumumba did. The stature of your job and the perks that come with it obviate the plethora of comfortabilites and nicities that you are demanding. Yours is a hard job, to deliver a reformed judiciary to thankless Kenyans at a time when the country is most polarised. Quit whining and provide answers to the errors and omissions that we have 'accepted and moved on' about. Deliver us a credible judiciary.

Otherwise some Kenyans will resign to the knowledge that the many we hold with high regard before appointment  - the likes of Kivuitu, PLO, Isaak Hassan etc, will perform dismally, screw us up and turn up to blame and spit on us for their ineptitude. This is a big test on MERITOCRACY Sir. 

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