Saturday, 13 April 2013

The folly of a ‘non-nation’

Dear Kenyan on social media,

Yes, you there, super-sharing those pictures of Raila, Uhuru, Kalonzo and Ruto at statehouse. Here is free counsel, in African politics (actually all polities) there is no such thing as a truce, just episodes and interludes of re-strategising, undercutting, callousness, malice and 'smile-angering'. 

If you believe those 4 politicians giggling like sorority girls in front of statehouse, you are the fool. It will take way more than handshakes and smiles to meaningfully make Kenya the one nation we desire - maybe we have never been at all (goodness me). 

After all didn’t Kibaki and Raila shake hands and have tea in front of Harambee House in 2008 after presiding over the killing of over 1000 Kenyans and displacement of hundreds of thousand others? Didn’t we still end up with two nations baying for each other’s blood in 2013? 

'Move on' (this is officially a swear word around me) if you like, disregard the serious deficiencies of nationalism that we face today, sweep them under the carpet ... but be sure we will be back at it soon, back to fire fighting - once stuff has exploded. Kenyans never disappoint. 

Many thanks


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