Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sovereignty my left armpit, mscheeew!

The tragedy with us Africans is after we swindle our people, maim and kill them, we always search and dust the old tattered PanAfricanist card to play. Quite convenient isn't it? - blame it on the white man, blame it on imperialism, neocolonialism, globalization whatever you like to call it right. 

You can say a million but the US and those other countries you laughably attempt to compare Kenya to, for not being signatories to the ICC, scarcely need Den Haag. Their judicial systems (with their inadequacies) do not allow morons, coldhearted scumbags and chest thumping criminals, murders and rapists like the ones we got here in Kenya to commit atrocities and get away with it. I can say this - they do not need international judicial mechanisms so much as we do. Yes we 'moral high horse ridding' Africans. Their political systems do not allow even an adulterous CEO to keep office, let alone a politician to even contemplate running for political office with accusations of crimes against humanity hanging around their necks. Ask Herman Cain, Ask Dominic Strauss Khan ... 

Hate it or love it, the day you allowed clowns accused of grave violations on human rights and dignity to wear party colors, show up on national TV and gallivant the country campaigning to be president is the day you allowed the sovereignty of the so free 'Kenya' you are 'fettishly' obsessed with to be ridiculed molested and demeaned. 

People ran for office in full knowledge of the consequences of being answerable to the ICC and discharging state duties simultaneously. Kid only the naive, the captives of sycophancy and ethnocentric twaddle who like to believe that the President and his deputy sitting at the Hague answering to criminal charges (like any other Kenyan would at the high court away from their families or jobs) really should worry anybody.

After all, who eats sovereignty? How much sovereignty is served on dinner tables in the evening in Kenyan households? What have you done with the sovereign Kenya for the past 5 decades? How much foreign direct investment has sovereignty brought to our economy? How many jobs? uh? How many destitute kids has it assured food, clothing, good health? How many mothers has it prevented from still births and dangerous maternal illness?  

The sovereignty that Africans deserved over the past 50 years, they have gotten. What they have done with it is for you to judge. These same losers now cry-babying are the same busybodies that applauded and appended signatures to a law that they scarcely took time to understand, to interrogate its motives and to judge its merits. Today, fourteen years down the lane, when we sadly determine that the egg we naively fertilized is too big for our cervix to deliver, we suddenly have a sovereignty problem. A problem too great, so urgent and verily important that the escalating cost of living and the lingering unemployment, poverty and inequality in the country can wait.

Ha! I say go shove it up folks. You have more important things to worry about. The perceived danger to your sovereignty is a mockery of the hopes and aspirations of your people. Take that 'African Renaissance' balderdash to the bin Kabando wa Kabando. Fix the economy, give husbands jobs, assure young people of their future, allow women equal opportunity to determine their destinies (and some money to shop and enjoy womanhood YAWA), let children enjoy their childhood, allow families the economic freedom to live life and appreciate their culture, ethnicity and heritage. That, mes camarades, is how to build a sovereign nation. Not by shamelessly playing to the gallery of international politics where no one gives a rap about your act.

Let those who committed crimes face the full force of the law. Let those innocent, wrongly accused, be acquitted and apologized to. Let us ACCEPT and MOVE ON.  

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  1. Wouldn't have said it better..... But the people who weren't victimised talk louder than the victims of same....screeecccchhhiing voices... Annoyance. If u can't beat them join them...... Cartooning ourselves as we are.....most times when someone defends a victim they have a hidden agenda of fattening themselves while the victims keep struggling for jobs, education even food a livelyhood...the rich become richer and poor poorer.... If I am to be honest....let me fold my arms and watch am no hero...heros end up dead. Will cheer u on though....kudos. Beat them or join them coz u preaching a gospel to dreaming folks,fast asleep.