Tuesday, 24 September 2013

#WeAreNotOne – Sorry to burst your bubble Kenyans

If there is an international medal that Kenyans deserve, it is that for hypocrisy, pretence and shameless double-standing. Now because of #Westgate #WeAreOne?. I say HOG WASH. These are the kind of scapegoats we so look forward to. Those that help us forget our evil, burry our heads in the sand, avoid the truth and fail to confront the structural and historical cradles of our disunity.

Look we lost more than double the statistic at WestGate in Tana River not so long ago. How about Bungoma? Baragoi? Sinai? yet we #wereNOTONE? Wait until we burry the fallen at WestGate, we will come back home. Yes, we will return home to our filth, to our stinking ethnocentrism, to our neolithic political bigotry and of course to the chronicty of our poverty of morals.

Wake up Kenyans, WE ARE NOT one. Such faddish sloganeering is the reason we miss out on every opportunity to confront our inadequacies and mend the fabric of our tired tattered nationhood (if we ever did the wafts and the wefts in the fast place).

Come to think of it: Didn't we pass a new constitution thinking it’s the panacea for all our ills, was it? - NOPE. Didn't we insist on devolution thinking it is the answer to all our inequities, is it? - NOPE. Didn't we spend resources, intellect and emotions reforming our judiciary thinking it is the rebirth our justice framework, is it? - NOPE. Didn't we give our all to the IIEC/IEBC hoping it is the ultimate rejuvenation of our electoral system, was it? - NOPE. 

I am almost convinced that for Kenya, the problem has got nothing to do with the institutions or laws or legislation. The problem is squarely on us Kenyans. Yes YOU and ME. Shameless human beings so bent on our selfish inclinations that public interest - nationhood - has no bearing absolutely. That is why we need foreign aggression to remind us that we are all Kenyan. That is why we need Al Qaeda to bomb us, Al shabab to take us hostage kill and maim our loved ones, CNN to demean our psyche or Museveni to undermine our intelligence.

Until we learn and appreciate that we are all bound by the same history, bound by same joys and pains of living Kenya, and bound by the commonality of our aspirations we will not be ONE.


  1. Stupid!
    That said, I agree with most things you say.....however your shock value will detract people from the message.
    Can you rewrite this in a less insulting manner.....more soberly, I mean!

  2. Kenei... Why do u want him to sugar coat the truth... If u agree then let it be said so people can effect on that.... We are not 1... I and not U and U are not me... Everyman for himself and God for us all.... And I agree with all said though I definately didn't understand some words...hehehe.... The message sunk home.... I would love to see one kenya someday and work on being one kenya but as it stands currently we are very selfish individuals.... And that's the Gospel truth. Kudos.